YSU Structure Center

Department Of Chemistry
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Youngstown, Ohio 44555-3663

YSU Structure Center Faculty:

YSU Structure Center Facilities:
YSU Structure Center Goals:

        The central goal of the YSU Structure Center is to serve the educational and research needs of the students and faculty at Youngstown State University and at collaborating regional colleges.  We also offer our NMR and X-Ray diffraction facilities and our consulting expertise to the larger American academic community and to regional corporations on a time available basis.
        These diffraction instruments are available for both teaching and research studies, particularly for faculty and students from other predominantly undergraduate schools. Single crystals may be submitted to the facility for diffraction analysis on a collaborative basis. Alternatively, instrument time is available on both instruments for external users.

YSU Structure Center Access Policy:

        It is the policy of the YSU Chemistry Department to make all of its scientific instrumentation available to faculty and students from predominantly undergraduate institutions at no direct cost.  Faculty and students from PhD and other research institutions may be charged some small fee.  Industrial Scientists will be given access to this instrumentation at a cost dependent on the level of student involvement in their projects.

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