MacPDF Basics

MacPDF's Approach

MacPDFª, the Search/Retrieval program for the Macintosh which provides access to the ICDD's PDF-2 database, is a true Macintosh application, not simply a port of a MS-DOS program. MacPDF provides full support for standard menus and standard Macintosh application operations such as printing, file I-O and clipboard operations.

MacPDF uses an object-oriented approach, incorporating PDF Cards, Search and Stick Graph objects; an arbitrary number of these can be displayed on the screen simultaneously, each in its own window.

MacPDF is fully integrated with the outside Macintosh environment; all objects can be imported from or exported to files of standard formats for use by other commercially available applications.

PDF Card

PDF Card


MacPDFª supports all PDF-2 Search indexes as individual searches and through the general Boolean Search. Individual indexes include PDF Number, Mineral Name, Strong Line, etc. Lists of successful matches are stored as Search objects.

MacPDF's general Boolean Search allows entry of Boolean criteria either as a list or using a text editor. The Macintosh interface allows flexible, easy specification of Boolean criteria.

Batch processing and other search optimizations are provided to circumvent slow CD-ROM access times.

Periodic Table of Elements Search allows use of Periodic Table for specification of chemical elements for Boolean Search.

Periodic Table Search

Periodic Table Search

Stick Graphs

MacPDFª allows creation of Stick Graphs directly from PDF Cards and from user supplied text files. Graphs may be printed and saved as PICT files. User may determine the wavelength at which to graph the pattern.

Stick graphs may be zoomed and scrolled horizontally or vertically and the window may be grown. A scrollable hkl list appears in the stick graph window along with a box for commands which allow the user to manipulate individual sticks or the graph as a whole.

Labels can be added to individual lines. Individual lines and arbitrary ranges of lines can be marked with patterns and different colors.

Stick Graph

Stick Graph

MacPDF V3.0

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