Minerals MacPDF

Macintosh Search/Retrieval Software
for the ICDD Minerals
PDF-2 Subfile

Minerals MacPDF

Designed specifically for the minerals community, this version of MacPDF is a self contained, cost-effective package containing both the PDF-2 minerals subfile and the search/retrieval software needed to use it.

Minerals MacPDFª allows you to purchase only the database you need and requires no additional peripheral equipment. The Minerals Subfile itself, all indexes, and the Minerals MacPDF application are shipped as files ready for installation on your hard drive. Minerals MacPDF may be installed on a Powerbook and serve as a self-contained database facility for use at any location in the laboratory or in the field. Minerals MacPDF, Version 3.0, in addition to offering General Boolean search, provides the Interactive Phase Identification Module for analysis of unknown phases in a diffractometer trace.

Minerals MacPDF search/retrieval software and its pricing are identical to those of MacPDF, Version 3.0 or Version 2.2, as described in the MacPDF V3.0 pages.

Licensing Minerals MacPDF

License to use Minerals MacPDF is required both from the International Centre for Diffraction Data and from Helios Software. Helios Software will arrange for both these licenses and will bill you for both. No surcharge will be added to the Minerals Subfile cost, nor will there a charge for the licensing service. It may be noted that, even though it is not currently listed in their price catalog, the ICDD continues to support the PDF-2 Minerals Subfile.

Minerals MacPDF Overview

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