Garlic Features

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This page describes the most important features of garlic, free molecular visualization program.

Garlic is free. The source code is available to everyone.
With garlic, you will be able to replace residues, to create new structures and to adjust bond angles.
Atoms may be drawn as spheres of different sizes. Bonds may be drawn as cylindrical sticks, conical sticks or as curved surfaces.
Five types of slab are available: planar, spherical, semi-spherical, cylindrical and semi-cylindrical.
The slab position and thickness are visible in a small window.
Atomic bonds as well as atoms are treated as independent drawable objects.
The atomic and bond colors depend on position. Five mapping modes are available (as for slab).
Garlic is capable to display stereo image.
Garlic is capable to display other geometric objects, like membrane, for example.
In addition to standard chemical elements, garlic allows the usage of two imaginary elements, called "jellium" (J) and "quarkonium" (Q). These elements may be used to draw some special objects. Jellium never forms any bonds, while quarkonium binds to neighboring atoms in the list (so it forms no bond, one bond or two bonds at most). Imaginary atoms may be used to adapt garlic for medical imaging, for example.
Atomic information is available for atom covered by the mouse pointer. No click required, just move the mouse pointer over the structure!
Garlic is capable to load more than one structure.
It will be possible to color the residues according to hydrophobicity and other properties.
Garlic is capable to draw Ramachandran plot, helical wheel, Venn diagram, averaged hydrophobicity, hydrophobic moment plot and sequence comparison plot.
The command prompt is available at the bottom of the main window. It is capable to display one error message and one command string.