There has been a change in postscript file format generated by recent versions of GSAS, and currently P2XY is not capable of handling the new format. Since already there is other software doing the job better, we refer you to http://crystsun1.unige.ch/stxnews/riet/faq/progs/r-view.htm .

About P2XY
The postscript recognizable printer is not easily accessible at many research institutes, so this software has been created to make it possible to print the Rietveld refinement result from GSAS by using a printer that doesn't recognize postscript. This program converts postscript data generated by GSAS (POWPLOT) into x-y Coordinate values in text format so that the data can be plotted and printed with commercially available software such as "Kaleida Graph." The advantages of using a commercially available graphing software for plotting the refinement result are:
a) You can print a plot on any printer.
b) You can index reflection peaks or edit plot in any way you want.
We hope that many people can take advantage of this software to generate high quality Rietveld refinement plots.

Download version 2.20(2002-06-05)

Sample Plot Using Kaleida Graph Ver. 3.0.5


Sung J. Kang & Tadashi C. Ozawa
Contact: tcozawa@jcom.home.ne.jp