Jih Shang Hwang

Email: hjsspin@ms24.hinet.net

Hame page:http://phyhp.phy.ncku.edu.tw/~hjs/hjsmain.html


1991-1997 Ph.D., National Cheng Kung University
1988-1991 M. S. in physics, National Cheng Kung University
1984-1988 B. S. in physics, National Cheng Kung University

Experiences and Activities


  1. Military service at Mazu island, responsible for enviromental works, recycling etc...
  2. Paten Applying for "A system for heat capacity measurement by fitting the whole temperature response of a heat-pulsed calorimeter." been confirmed as Paten number 096001 in Taiwan, ROC.
  3. Military School of Logistics, student, helped building up assessment database system of schoolteachers.
  4. Part-time programmer, completed a material tension testing system for industries, 'TENSILE', with user friendly interface and flexibility.

1991-1997 Research assistant, Low Temperature Physics laboratory, department of physics, NCKU

  1. Invented a automatic heat capacity measurement system solving Tau1 and Tau2 in calorimetry. The employed method published on Review of Scientific Instruments.
  2. Developed 'XRAYSCAN', a indexing program capable of analyzing Xray powder diffraction patterns with spurious peaks.
  3. Set up Low Temperature Physics, including measurement system of magnetic, thermal and transport properties for alloys or compounds.
  4. Study thermal, magnetic and transport properties of high temperature superconductors, Rare earth compounds or alloys, including spin glass, heavy fermion, kondo lattice ...etc.
  5. Teaching asistant for general physics experiments.

1988-1991 TA, Department of Physics, NCKU

  1. Setup Closed Cycle cryosystem for resistance measurement.
  2. Study the effect of non-magnetic impurities for high temperature superconductors.
  3. Setup Closed cycle resistance measurement system using lockin amplifiers.

1984-1988 Student, Depeart of Physics, NCKU

  1. Member of colledge traditional chinese music club, acted as a member, tutor and an adviser in the Koto teaching class.
  2. Held a Koto concert in colledge hall of NCKU.
  3. Chief Editor of 'Collection of Koto Music Scores of NCKU'(in Chinese).
  4. Assitant Editor of Annual 'NCKU Physics' .
  5. Member of Colledge Chinese Martial Art Club.


  1. Cryogenic techniques, design and system handling.
  2. Xray powder diffraction analysis
  3. Computer programming: VB, VBA, Pascal, Fortune, C, ASP
  4. Data acquisition and analysis for automatic control (IEEE488, Rs232, 8255 I/O...)
  5. Softwares: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access, Home page design...etc.
  6. Numerical Analysis


  1. Computer programming
  2. Playing Koto
  3. Playing tennis
  4. Internet
  5. Reading, thinking, ...