Xfit Canvas Window Keys
         >Canvas window must have focus
         >keys are case sensitive
ESC Toggle hardware stereo or exit photo mode
1 Activate Chi-1 torsion of side-chain if fitting
2   "         Chi-2
3   "         Chi-3
4   "         Chi-4
5   "         Chi-5
6   "         Chi-6
f Activate phi torsion between focusres and previous residue
s Activate psi torsion between focusres and next residue
9 Decrease stereo blank interval (use with 0 to adjust stereo height alignment)
0 Increase stereo blank interval
( Decrase stereo y stretching (use with ')' to adjust stereo aspect ratio)
) Increase stereo y stretching
b Go back one residue in chain
c Next side-chain rotamer
D Delete residue (asks to confirm if not water)
h Rotate about vertical -1 degree
H Rotate about vertical -10 degrees
i Zoom in 5%  (makes model smaller)
I Zoom in 9%
j Rotate about screen perpendicular -1 degree
J Rotate about screen perpendicular -10 degrees
k Rotate about screen perpendicular +1 degree
K Rotate about screen perpendicular +10 degrees
l Rotate about vertical +1 degree
L Rotate about vertical +10 degrees
n Rotate about horizontal +1 degree
N Rotate about horizontal +10 degrees
o Zoom out 11%  (makes model larger)
O Zoom out 15%
Q Calculate least-squares plane of atoms on stack
q calculate distance of top atom on stack to plane calculated with Q
p Toggle photo mode (fullscreen)
r Rocking off
R Rocking on
u Rotate about horizontal 11 degree
U Rotate about horizontal -10 degrees
W Add water at cursor position
x Look down x axis
y Look down y axis
z Look down z axis
+ Measuring cross at screen center (shows 1.54, 2.7, 3.8 Å distances)
. Small (default) cross
> Add MRK residue (single CA atom) after focus
< Add MRK residue (single CA atom) before focus
] Go to C-terminus of focus chain
[ Go to N-terminus of focus chain
; Apply fit and/or Refinement (use Cancel button on main window to cancel)
SPACE Go to next residue

The focus residue is the last one clicked on and is listed in the lower left of the canvas window footer.
The focus chain is the fragment with the focus residue.  Chains terminate if the distance to the next residue is too long to form a petide bond.