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What's New

Friday  5th  May 2006
New Minor Update of  Bond Valence data submitted by I. D. Brown.

Minor corrections thanks to enCIFer - which found two errors  (  , instead of a decimal point)

Monday  13th  March 2006

Update to the CCP14 Mirrored Software and GSAS Rietveld software resources:

New Windows version of GSAS place d on CCP14  server.

The most significant change is the addition of a new program MUSTRPLOT which will create a 3D graphics file for GNUPLOT of the microstrain surface obtained with the Stephens microstrain model (peak shape #4 for CW & TOF).

Download and Further details:

Tuesday  14th  February 2006
As Part of CCP14 server Admin

Due to continuing FTP problems, Proftpd Upgraded to latest 1.3.0rc release.

If  FTP log in and directory structure problems still occur, using non PASV mode with Windows Firewall Switched off seems to work.

Friday  10th  February 2006

As part of the CCP14 Mirrored Software and GSAS Rietveld software resources:

There is a new updated version of GSAS.  The gsasnews.txt file describes the updates. 

GSAS download area:

[CCP14 UK Web Mirror] | [Canadian CCP14 Mirror] | [Australian CCP14 Mirror]

Wednesday 1st February 2006

As Part of CCP14 server Admin

Apache Web Server Upgraded to version 2.2.0.

Friday, 20th January 2006

New Web Site Launched
New look web page launched, currently just the front page but will spread to the rest of the site.
For the immediate future the previous version will run in Parallel, and is available here

Any comments or suggestions welcome!

Friday, 6th January 2006

VMRIA Rietveld updated
The Author now considers the present version of VMRIA as more or less completed
Further details available at

6th January 2006

As part of CCP14 Contacts: Due to continued delivery failure and Spam overload the and related contact details have been halted!
The CCP14 can be contacted via Richard Stephenson

Thursday, 5th January 2006

As part of CCP14 Config: Free to use Search engine Swish-E fixed, this runs along side Google and Yahoo! for local use.

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