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For Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction
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From: jkearns61@aol.comCdZnTe (JKearns61)
Newsgroups: sci.techniques.xtallography
Subject: Re: Need Help with school project please
Date: 24 Oct 2000 19:27:59 GMT

Harry Powell's web pages are very good.  A truly great reference for young
people is Holden's classic book "Crystals and Crystal Growing".  It is still in
print and available at major resellers (e.g., Borders) for ~ $12, or much
cheaper for used copies from WWW book search engines (e.g., Advanced Book
Exchange,  To add to that, you may be able to find in
libraries the more advanced experiment apparatus companion book "Growing
Crystals with a Rotary Crystallizer" (also by Holden); it is out of print since
1964 and hard to find used.

Joel Kearns

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