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Graphical Example Use of a Newsreading Program

Using Trumpet Newsreader for MS-Windows

As described in the installation instructions, this is one of the most user-friendly and also novice-friendly newsreading programs available at present. Most good user-friendly newsreading software should be usable with the same amount of ease. It is shareware and available from:

Starting Trumpet

Starting Trumpet should put you into the main screen as shown below. The buttons as the bottom of the screen allow the user to easily manipulate the common commands of the program, such as posting, follow-ons, archiving articles to the local computer, etc.

Trumpet Main Screen

The Group Menu

Most of the routinely important commands for subscribing/unsubscribing to newsgroups, catching up on old news and quickly skipping articles are in the Group menu.

The Group Menu

Viewing the Titles of Articles

In the top windows with the newsgroup titles, double click on the name of the newsgroup you wish to browse through. In the case of the following image, this is the general crystallography newsgroup, sci.techniques.xtallography. The >> on the article below the highlighted article shows this message had already been read.

Title of Articles

Reading News Articles

To see the text of the article, double click on the message of interest. There is no obligation to read articles you are not interested in, so just read the ones that look interesting. The image below is from clicking on the bottom most article title from the above screen image.

Reading a News Article

Posting Out a Message to a Newsgroup

To post out a message to a newsgroup, select an appropriate newsgroup by highlighting the newsgroup name on the top window, then press the POST on the bottom of the screen to bring up a window to edit your message as shown in the following screen image. To send out the message to the world, press on the SEND button at the bottom of the window or discard the message if you have second thoughts.

Please make sure the message is appropriate for the newsgroup you are posting to and that you are as clear as possible. I'm not sure how the following would be taken on the crystallography newsgroup!? Please note the sci.techniques.xtallography newsgroup is for the crystallographically righteous and not tacky messages!

Editing a Newsgroup Message

Replying by E-mail or Sending a Follow-on Message

To reply to the author of the newsgroup message, press the REPLY button. To Follow-on comments to the newsgroup press the FOLLOW button. The following screen image gives an example follow-on to the above query "Single Crystallographer Seeks Equivalent, Object: Twinning". The text of the original has a ">" at the start of each line to signify what the previous person stated. It is suggested you keep enough of the original message's text so that your follow-on isn't taken out of context. As seen from the following graphical example, it would be easy for a reader to take the follow-on out of context had not the text of the original message been included.

As with posting out messages to a newsgroup, press on the SEND button to send the message to the newsgroup.

Editing a Follow-on Message

Other Features

There are a number of other features to most newsreading software so feel free to explore the possibilities.

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