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Structure Determination by Powder Diffractometry Round Robin

What's New

The SDPDRR Homepage is at

The second SDPDRR started September 9th, 2002

The SDPDRR-1 is closed
Deadline was June 30, 1998

Summary :
70 download of data (see full connection statistics)
4 participants
1 submission on sample 1 (inorganic)
4 submissions on sample 2 (pharmaceutical) 

Preliminary conclusions were given at ECM-18

See "X-raying the Web", a paper written by David Bradley about the SDPDRR results, and published by ChemWeb.

Post-deadline submissions are welcome, but will be analyzed in a different way (you should not consult the organizer's results ;-) 

  • 22 June 1998 - last announce

  • As soon as 1st July, the organizer's results for the 2 samples will be made available on this Web site. Of course they should not be considered as the "best" results. They will help you to wait for the Round Robin conclusions (if any). Participants will receive a .cif file containing the SHELX output of a refinement on sample 2 single crystal data (from a 40x30x20 microns microcrystal selected in the SDPDRR powder sample, two weeks ago). 
    • 4070 file queries (total)
    • 794    for index.html
    • 323    for samples.html
    • 208    for download.html
    • 62      data downloaded
  • 3rd June 1998, SDPDRR Web site statistics
    • 2731 file queries (total)
    • 429    for index.html
    • 223    for samples.html
    • 155    for download.html
    • 52      data downloaded
  • 25th May 1998
    • One week statistics : 260 access to the Web site (index.html) and 28 data download.
  • 20th May 1998
    • Data downloaded 18 times in 2 days.
  • 18th May 1998
    • Official announce on the Rietveld Mailing List, xtallography Newsgroups and more, plus personal mailing.
  • 17th May 1998
  • 14th May 1998 
    • Webpages Created, Samples and Data Finalized. 

Copyright © 1998 L.M.D Cranswick & A. Le Bail

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