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Jedit Set Up Problems/Fixes/FAQ's

Setting up jedit to run with topas should be straightforward using the instructions here. It's been tested on computers of various ages running various versions of windows in Durham. Some people have had problems. The list below contains various work arounds/bug fixes.

1. Please read the instructions carefully and make sure you've followed all the steps.

2. The most common problem encountered is having topas academic installed in a directory with spaces. To gain all the jedit functionality a directory without spaces in the name is safest. We use c:\topasa. This problem seems to occur on some systems but not others. Remember that in topas version 4, if you change the directory name the license will no longer be valid.

3. jedit/INP-SETUP.BSH install files in the directory c:\documents and settings\user\.jedit. On some university networks you may not have access to this folder as a normal user. One solution (thanks to Meghan Knapp) is to install and run the software as a local administrator. If you don't want to use the local administrator account set up an account for (each) user on the system which mirrors their network account. Set up jedit for each user. Each user can then right click on jedit and use the "run as" command with their local name rather than network name.

4. There may be problems with the development versions of jedit. In Durham we're using jedit4.2final (January 2007) which seems stable. If you click here you should get jedit42install.exe directly.

Any other problems, please contact either myself or Alan.


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