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Methods, Problems and Solutions

Examples of creating OS Portable Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for Crystallographic Applications

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This webpage deals with systems for creating Operating System portable graphical user interfaces for Crystallography with the emphasis on concentrating on systems already used for creating crystallographic applications.


wxWindows is a way to create OS portable C++ based GUIs if you are already familiar with the MFC class library. wxWindows is being used for the Crystals for Windows single crystal suite.
From: "Richard Cooper" [richard.cooper@chemistry.oxford.ac.uk]
Organization: Chemical Crystallography
To: L.M.D.Cranswick@dl.ac.uk (L. Cranswick)
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 10:29:53 +0100
Subject: Re: wxWindows

wxWindows appears to be very similar to the MFC class library,
which means that it is only, say, a few days work to port a 
platform specific MFC program to the portable wxWindows library.

I would also say that the wxWindows library is a lot simpler
to understand. MFC over-complicates a lot of things.  Perhaps 
scientific programs rarely need all the cutting edge technologies 
that commercial programs do.

For most cases, simply changing your MFC class (e.g. CButton) to a 
wxWindows class (wxButton) is a case of replacing the C with a wx and 
changing the include file names.

Two caveats - I haven't got the program fully working yet, so maybe 
there are some hidden traps for me ahead. And I've only compiled the 
stuff on Linux, no idea what it's like on Windows.

wxWindows - Julian Smart

WinCRYSTALS 2000 (Crystals for Windows Single Crystal Suite) - David Watkin


tcl/tk is a scripting language for creating Operating System independent Graphical User Interfaces. This has been used by Brian Toby to create the UNIX and Windows EXPGUI GSAS and CMPR programs for powder diffraction applications.

Tcl/Tk Consortium

Brian Toby's Home Page

Brian Toby's Software


Java is a C like language that is meant to be operating system independent by using a Run Time Engine. Crystallographic applications of Java are Steffan Weber's crystallographic programs in Java; and Luca Lutterotti's MAUD for Java materials analysis Rietveld software which works on Windows, Mac and UNIX

Java - Sun Microsystems

Luca Lutterotti WEB site

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