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Methods, Problems and Solutions

Available Software for performing Spacegroup and Structure Transformation

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Known Software:

Additions, Corrections Welcome

NOTE: It is a good idea to independently cross validate spacegroup and structure transformation and look for any inconsistancies.

NOTE 2: Some of these programs may require dummy atoms to be inserted if you are just transforming a cell or HKL data. It is possible of course to recalculate HKLs with the new cell with a variety of software.

Cryscon for Windows (shareware)

Powder Cell for Windows (Freeware, present version, 2.1 Beta)

WinGX Single crystal suite has a transformation option.

Date: 30 Nov 99 14:03:17 MET
From: Andrew Wills [willsas@netscape.net]
To: RIETVELD_L Distribution List [rietveld_l@ill.fr]
Subject: Re: [Non standard space group settings.]

Hi all,

Just to continue the old thread of transposing cells- the conversion of atom
positions and symmetry elements is well explained in the section of the
International Tables by Arnold. Given the P and Q augmented matrices, is there
a simple matrix equation for converting the lattice parameters (including
angles)? I know that I could convert them via a cartesian referece, but I
thought that there might be something more elegant.


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